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mercredi 8 juillet 2009

Paper planes

Hello again, reader !

Yeah, two post in two days, I'm just in a crazy mood, don't get used to it...

First of all, let me wish a happy happy birthday to my brother P! Happy birthday P! Hope you have a really nice day!

Now to today's post: I have been to the movies recently to see "The Boat that Rocked" (called "Good Morning England" in the French version, God knows why...) and I liked it a lot, and it made me think about how great soundtracks can be, in movies. A few days before, I had watched Star Wars episode 4 with my mother (4, 5, 6, let me say it once more, the only Star Wars episodes worth watching) and it had reminded me how important soundtracks can be, in movies.

So here you are, my top 5 soundtracks (musicals excluded, because that's cheating, and I've done it already anyway...)

In order to keep me sane, please do refer to the Top 5 rules in the right-hand part of this blog!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean. The soundtrack just makes me happy. Also makes me march down the corridors of the subway with a Xena the Warrior Princess grin on my face, which I know is going to cause problems sooner or later. But there's really nothing quite like the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, except maybe for...

2. Star Wars. It's mythic and great, and I like that low, humming noise you get when Vador walks in, and I like the main theme, and just listening to the music at the beginning, with the text fading away in the starry sky, makes me feel like I'm 5 all over again. These movies, reader... I don't care what happens with the franchise now. These movies are just great.
3. Pride and Prejudice. This is the one I like to pretend I'm a 19th century English lady to. Especially on the train to Brussels. Going all "my is that couch slow" and batting my eyelids at my reflection in the window, pretending Mr Darcy is sitting in the seat in front of me. Of course, that's just before I fall asleep, start drooling on the seat and can only be woken up by the ticket punching guy after the third time he's called me and tapped on my shoulder. Less ladylike, but very entertaining for all the other people in the wagon.

4. O Brother Where Art Thou. This is not very original, I know, and the movie is actually not that great, but the soundtrack is just brilliant. I don't think I'll ever get sick of these Alison Krauss songs. I don't think I'll ever get sick of any of that soundtrack. Only problem is, I can't listen to it on public transportation, because I can't help but sing along, and there's only so much my dignity can take. Drooling and snoring is OK, singing is a no-no.

5. Slumdog Millionnaire. Not very original either, but really, really, those M.I.A. songs? That great, great one with the gun-noises? And listening to a song that goes "some I murder, some I let go" on the Parisian subway is also quite satisfying, I must say. It is possible that I have a murderous light in my eyes while doing so, but then again, I pretty much always have a murderous light in my eyes in the Parisian subway, so it's not too embarrassing. Pretty much everyone does. Thank you to my sister F, by the way, who both gave me the CD as a present and pointed out to me what the singer was saying. I thought it was "sam sam sama sama mah dah". Now my life has changed.

Anyway, here it was, my top 5 soundtracks. I have to say it. I probably have forgotten some great ones. Elizabethtown, Juno, Shrek, Shrek, Shrek (crap, I've forgotten Shrek...) all kinds of great soundtracks. Don't resent me.

Have a nice day, reader!

8 commentaires:

Mr. Rush a dit…

Where do you get the pictures for your blog? They are soooo crazy.

As for your list of soundtracks, I think they need a little work.

By the way, are you into jazz? If so, do you like Joe Sample?

Claire a dit…

Ha ha ha, I'm glad you asked: I do them myself on Paint, which explain the unbeatable ugliness. I have a lot of fun, though.

What would you have put in your list of soundtrack ?

As for jazz, no, it's not really my thing, but I'd be glad to change my mind, of course.

Mr. Rush a dit…

-- Don’t stop with the pictures. I like them.

--Now that you have turned the question around on me, I can see that it is very difficult to come up with a top five soundtracks list. Here is my list:

Mo Better Blues
Lord of the Rings
Memoirs of a Geisha

--Check out Joe Sample. While you are listening imagine yourself having achieved your ambitions and now you are reviewing your efforts in your mind. Let me know what you think. You are welcome to e-mail me.

Mr. Rush a dit…

Here is some Joe:


Mr. Rush a dit…

Cat got your tongue?

Claire a dit…

Uh sorry! I was at work, so couldn't listen to Mr Sample's sample (laugh! It's an order!)... But I shall.
As for your list of best soundtracks, I can't really judge, as I have not seen/heard them all. Lord of the rings is really good though, you're right. But correct me if I'm wrong here, Cats is a musical, isn't it ?

Mr. Rush a dit…

Yes. Cats is a musical that was also made into a movie. (I cheated on that one.)

Claire a dit…

Haaaa, my list of soundtracks would have been so very different had I included musicals... But I understand. I myself had troubles resisting the temptation to add movies like Moulin Rouge, Singing in the Rain, Devdas...
By the way, I have listened to Joe Sample. Not really my thing but I found it strangely hypnotizing. Thanks for the tip in any case, it's always interesting to listen to something different.