What is this blog all about?

The main purpose of this blog is to give an overview of the things I do, in my everyday life, in order to improve my English. Since I am a very lazy person, I mostly read, and watch movies, and do things which make it possible for me to improve my vocabulary, my grammar and my accent without getting bored... So this blog is going to be about the books I read, the movies I watch, and some other things which I find relevant (or not)...

I hope you'll like it! Don't hesitate to leave comments if you have any suggestions concerning what I should write about!!

jeudi 28 août 2008

Ché pas dannnncer, autre chose que le reggae...

Today, reader, comes a new top 5. Might actually become a top 6, who knows. It is now officially my blog's summer of Top 5s. I don't know why, but it's kind of inspiring. Anyway. Today, as I was beginning to say before starting to talk to myself out loud, is the day of the Top 5 things I'd love to do but will probably never happen. Before I even start, I must apologize for this being extremely self-centered and not including "save a life" or "end the plight of baby seals" or "find a cure for cancer". It's just about me, I and myself, and honestly, who cares about anything else ?? Let alone baby seals ???

1. Dancing like a goddess all night long at an Indian wedding, wearing a long and beautiful lenga.
Why it's never going to happen: I love dancing but suspect that I am way less elegant than I hope to be. Troll-dancing won't help me look like Aishwarya Rai. Besides, Indians are not exactly famous for their height, and being the tallest person on a dance floor is every shade of embarrassing. From red to bright red, via a little green.

2. Write a book. Not a famous book that would stay forever and get me a national burial at the Pantheon. Just a cool book that you like reading and then you forget. A seaside book.
Why it's never going to happen: Not patient enough, not focused enough, (I'll forget the "talented" part, of course, since you can get published if you write stuff about reading a tiger's mind and marrying the son of Nikolai II). One of the reasons why I love top 5s is that it's so nice and short.

3. Do that funky sommersault back-flip thing when you start on your feet, go backwards, land on your hands, and end up on your feet again. Love it. Loooove it.
Why it's never going to happen: Well. I sure want to do it, but I'm not sure I want to learn how to do it. And I would have to have a proper occasion, like during a fight against the forces of darkness or something, and then it would end with me holding the small of my back and moaning, or in me kicking myself in the face or something. Might make the forces of evil stop and laugh! Might win me time! Not such a bad idea after all...

4. Run for miles in the rain and knock on my lover's door to tell him I love him and look like a mermaid, with black tears from my eyeliner (the Leona Lewis kind, y'know...), and having a happy ending.
Why it's never going to happen: Do you actually wonder? You don't look like a mermaid after running for miles in the rain, you look like an overused mop, with red eyes like a devilish raccoon. Besides it's cheesy. Cheesy cheesy cheesy. Let him run for miles under the rain. And be cheesy. I'm not letting you in if you're not wearing a white shirt, HA HA HA ! (Yeah. I really am a devilish racoon).

5. Wear black laced boots and a skirt and a long leather jacket and a black umbrella and go walking in the rain like I'm some kind of Trinity-like supergirl.
Why it's never going to happen: Laced boots and a skirt is nice in movies, but in real life, all it does is getting you rude comments from drunks. I mean, I've never done it, but even regular boots and a skirt get you rude comments from drunks, so...

Well there we go. That was my top 5. I'd also like to be an interpreter for Paul Bettany when he wins his Best Actor award at the Canne Film Festival for his role as the "glamorous, folk-singing, dark-suited and witty Persian vampire-warrior" in the movie "300 Bloody Blunders" I've written the scenario of only nobody knows it's me because I've written it anonymously, but that might really happen sooner than you know so I decided against it...

jeudi 21 août 2008

Sun pokes through my lashes

Isn't that cool ? "Sun pokes through my la-a-a-shes"... Don't know why exactly, the sun poking makes me smile. May be because I am sun-deprived at the moment who knows...

Anyway, I was on the bus this morning (as every morning) and since there was no cute Indian bus driver to talk to (did I tell you about the cute indian bus driver?) I listened to my MP3 player and it got me thinking about how much of the songs I really like actually come from series or movies. But mostly series. So I figured I'd do another top 5 about the series with cool music. Hope I can find 5. Mostly I wanted to get rid of the gross art-work I designed for my previous post, I admit... but still...

1. Buffy. Buffy has been the source of many great songs that I listen to all the time. Including Nikka Costa's "Everybody got their something" which I find really cool, and brightens my mood everytime I listen to it. Right now, though you can't see me, I am shaking my head to the imaginary rythm of Nikka Costa. It is also thanks to Buffy that I now listen to K's Choice, though indirectly I must say, since the one who invested was actually my sister Marion. The Buffy Soundtrack song is called "Virgin State of Mind" and it is great, and I think it was the main reason why M finally bought the album, which I, in turn, listen to all the time. Though I know it is going to get me in the mood for slithering down to the basement and eating Nutella directly off the pot (lots of things have gotten me in the mood for that lately, though... Slugs are not the last of these reasons).

2. See ? I knew that. 2 only, 3 to go, , and I already need to think... Ah, yeah, House MD (would have said Dr Who gladly but -really- I can't. Dr Who's music is mostly just weird instruments going whoooo whooo whoooo all the time. I am not in favour of it.) The House MD soundtrack is really good, and I tend to think (though I am probably robbing some extremely worthy soundtrack-picker from his well-earned glory) that it is because Hugh Laurie knows and loves music. Whatever the cause, though, I listened just yesterday to "Desire" by Ryan Adams, thanks to House MD. I'm in favour of Desire, by Ryan Adams.

3. The problem here is that from 3 to 5 are mostly series I have never seen. I know of some great great songs from One Tree Hill, or the OC, or Dawson's Creek. I know the songs are great (the Snow Patrol and other truckloads of cool, girlie-pop) but alas, I cannot give my opinion as to the series themselves, insofar as:

- I have never even watched an episode of One Tree Hill mostly because I choke on my tears after watching the first 5 minutes of the show because the music is so moving, and then I feel ashamed, and then I go do something useful instead of watching TV.

- who knows what fans of Dawson's Creek could do to me if I dared to call it lame yet once again

- I have never watched the OC because I have not. I don't like the characters too much, so I change channels.

-There is also the strange case of Grey's anatomy which most of my friends really like, but which I have never watched. I hear the Soundtrack is brilliant though, so I mention it here.

Anyway... It is getting a little late here so I guess I'm going to go back home now... Hope you're having a nice day, and all !! Go listen to "Everybody Got their Something" if you're not, it might help...

mercredi 13 août 2008

Schlaf und Verstand...

I thought I would never actually post anything like that, ever, and I wish nothing had given me the idea, but here it is, prepare, beware, and admire (yeah...) my TOP 5 of the places you'd least like to find a slug. This one is not classified in any kind of order, though I must say number one is number one no matter what.

1. Right next to your right foot when you jump out of bed in the morning. A dried up and blackened slug. I wonder how it could have dried up so fast. I guess a slug must be 80% pure water, and the rest is processed lettuce. Gross.

2. In a corner of your new room. The first reaction is denial. "Noooö, that thing there at the bottom of my wall ? It's a drop of thick black paint someone must have forgotten to clean up. No, I'm not taking a closer look at it. Shut up." This is shortly followed by utter disgust and further refusal to do anything about it. Because there is just a limit to how much a person can lie to themselves. Then, in my case, the solution came in the form of a borrowed hoover (came from my brother's old flat, thanks, P). Now the little dried up fiend is gone, GONE, gone forever, except when it visits me in my sleep... Ah, will I ever be rid of its twinkling little red eyes ?!

3. Exactly at eye level on the glass door of your home when you get out in the morning. You are peacefully hesitating between Rihanna and ABBA to whip you up for your day's work and pressing all the buttons on your MP3 player, and the you lift your eyes to avoid walking into the door, and end up looking straight into those of a fat slug. (Yes, reader ! They do have eyes ! Little twinkling red eyes, as I have mentioned before. At least here in Saarland they do. And teeth too, I'm sure, though I have yet to see them.) Makes you sure that today's going to be a "Paint it Black" day and want to crawl back into bed.

4. Crowded up into little, disorganized armies on the pavement. Especially when you have a suitcase with wheels on it, but I'll spare you the detail.

5. Eating off the corpse of one of their dead little co-beings under the bus shelter on a rainy day. You can't quite go away because you are going to get soaked, you can't take your eyes off the utter gross-ness either, and in the end, you feel like it's going to be a "Blue Hotel on a lonley highway " day. Crap start, never ending, and even worse in the end.

Have a nice day ! I'll go back to my sluggish one ! :)