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The main purpose of this blog is to give an overview of the things I do, in my everyday life, in order to improve my English. Since I am a very lazy person, I mostly read, and watch movies, and do things which make it possible for me to improve my vocabulary, my grammar and my accent without getting bored... So this blog is going to be about the books I read, the movies I watch, and some other things which I find relevant (or not)...

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jeudi 26 juillet 2007

Wake up...

Hey Reader!!!

I was trying hard not to write anymore, I was thinking, "what's the point, now that I'm not doing it for class, who cares about what you write", and stuff, but I was missing you soooo much, I had to keep myself from touching a keyboard. Which was not particularly easy, especially now that I am working for the summer. Then I got a mail from my brother in Oklahoma (five minutes ago, to be precise) who told me he too wanted me to write new posts! So I figured, let's get crazy, write a 66th post, and see what happens...

Anyway. Want a little "Claire Update"?? I can't resist telling you about my new job here in Paris. I used to work in this same firm at the customer service, but this year, since I'm doing an internship that has to be validated by my university in Strasbourg, I am doing more of a language-related work. Proof reading, a little bit of translation, it's all very interesting. I'm working on a newsletter about Excel right now, and I must warn you, reader, I think Excel is the tool of Evil. It has extremely freaky abilities which no one knows about: it can summon dialog boxes and turn formulas into weird results you did not expect, and it's the closest I've come to Artificial Intelligence.

And guess what?? We were right to fear, dear Wachowski brothers, it uses its unbelivable abilities ONLY to piss me off. Luckily, I can contact the journalist who writes the instructions, and he is the most efficient hotline ever. Which is good, because I'm very far from being a naturally talented Excel user.

I think I should worry, actually. Maybe he is The Master of All Evil. Maybe I should get a priest to un-bewitch my phone and my computer. I'll work on that.

Anyway. Things are OK for me here in Paris, the weather is just right (i.e. pretty bad, but I like it this way, because the subway in August, with 35°C outside and 55 inside, is my vision of hell. Well, working on an Excel program while standing in the subway in august is my vision of hell. I could add some conditions (the soundtrack and stuff) but I don't want to give you nightmares, reader, that would be cruel of mine.) I like Paris very much, because it's a lovely city, but the office is now in a lousy area of the town, so there is nothing to do but go back home when I get out of work.

But for now, I guess I'd better get back to work, because I'm not here to fool around!! It's my lunchbreak, but it had to come to an end, didn't it??
Hop, au boulot!

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Anonyme a dit…

Yay ! You're back !

Claire a dit…

Yay XD

Claire a dit…

Weehaa!! ^_^