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samedi 9 juin 2007

Rest in Peace

Hey reader!! Tonight is a big night!! Well, yesterday was, but I'm telling you now: MY FRIENDS GOT THEIR DIPLOMAS!!!! They are studying law, just so you know what an achievement it is, and I'm just so proud and happy for them, I could not resist telling you. Congrats girls!! You're the best!!!

Anyway, I just spent some time doing guess what?? Watching series on TV links. But not any series of course, tonight, I was feeling like going home and spending my Saturday night with my friends and my family, just like when I was in high school and did not have to bother with exams and real life, so I decided I'd watch some episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just like I was doing on Saturday nights when I was in High School. And even though it's over now, the series as well as high school, I thought I'd tell you about it (the series, not my time in High School, don't worry...) because they are really really cool, and English speaking.

I don't know what would have become of me if I had had to write a blog about my learning Swedish in Strasbourg. After my post about Abba I would have run out of inspiration, but English-speaking cool stuff, you find that all around!

Anyway, let's get back to the subject of this post: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have seen quite a lot of series now, (especially in the last three months :) ) And I still haven't found anything as good as Buffy. Well, Dr House is really very good, I love ER, and Lost, and Firefly might have had a chance provided it had lasted long enough, but Buffy, it's something different. I mean, the dialogues are awesome, just like in all Joss Whedon series. (Well, just like in Firefly, that is), and the actors are good. But more than that, I think it is believable enough for it to make you interested even if you are not a student anymore.

I mean, contrary to Dawson and the like, it is not pretending that teenagers all have a PhD in cheap psychology. "Now now, Dawson, you get angry at me for cheating on you with your best friend, but it's actually just my having problems with my father, who is actually the uncle of your hidden step-brother's wife's ex-husband, it made me angry, and in order to release my passive-aggressiveness, and overcome my Oedipus complex, I HAD to sleep with him." None of that in Buffy.

She does have a sister who appears out of nowhere in the middle of a season, and who is extremely annoying, but that's all you're going to get, as far as strange family ties are concerned. She has believable relationships with 350-year-old vampires, how cool is that?? Well, that's her business, being a super hero and having to fight the forces of evil. That's what she does. And she does it well.

There have been 7 seasons in all, beginning in Buffy's first year in High school, and ending in some kind of massive nearly-apocalypse. Yeah, I know I just complained about how people in Hollywood tend to get all cosmic when they smell the end in the wind, but with Buffy, somehow, it's OK, because they always are so funny. I mean the characters are just brilliant, from Buffy, who's strong and funny and just a girl (whoa, would the feminists not just love her....), to Spike, a brilliant blond vampire, pathetic very often, but also sarcastic and bitter, with great lines. Though the actor has been known to betray the cause and play in ... yeah... Smallville... How could he.... Anyway.

If you are interested in seeing some episodes, in case you never have, which is a shame, you can go to the TV-links site, and well... what can I say... Watch any of them, more particularly "Once more with Feeling", the great musical episode. Well, maybe it's not such a good idea since maybe you need to be a fan already to appreciate it... Well, then, just watch any of them, they are all great.

I guess it's time for me to get back to some serious work now... I learnt that "aggressivity" was not an English word!! I haven't lost my time completely watching Buffy tonight! I am thinking about another "Major Problems in the US society" summary, but I think I would not survive it, so I'll just pass, and start on my German to French translation. That's going to be nice... Have a nice evening reader!

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

C'est moi Véronique !

Merci Claire pour ces félicitations ! C'est trop gentil !
Je suis contente de l'avoir cette licence en tout cas !
Merci pour ton soutien ! Tu es toujours là pour moi et je ne sais pas ce que je ferais sans toi !! Grooooooosses bises de remerciement !

Claire a dit…

C'est bien normal!! Licence de DROIT!! Quelle Classe avec un grand C comme Championne!!
Moi non pu, ché pas ce que je ferais sans toi! T'es la meilleure!!
Plein plein de bisoux et à très très vite!

Anonyme a dit…

Ti ti tou, ti ti titoutou, ti ti tou, ti ti titou!!! (petite chanson de triomphe de Buffy)
Tiiiiin tin tin tiiiiiin tiiiiiiin tin tin tiiiiiin (petit début du générique de Buffy)

Ok, I'll say that in english because ALL readers should understand: I would not advise watching "once more with feeling", if you've never seen a Buffy episode before. Do, however, watch "Hush", I am sure Claire will agree with me (sinon, t'ar ta gueule à la récré).

Sinon, bravo les filles, une licence de droit ça vaut au moins un massacre de vampires.

Claire a dit…

Oui, yes, tu as raison, she's right, "Hush", c'est un super épisode. Mais je me souvenais plus du nom. So watch it, alors regardez le, cause it's brillant, parce que c'est génial. Now I have a migraine, maintenant, j'ai un headache, so à plus tard et gros bisoux!, alors see you later, and take care!

Anonyme a dit…

Retour de Véro

Merci Marion pour les félicitations !
C'est sympa :-)
Et en effet, regardez Buffy, c'est bien !!!

Claire a dit…

Ouééé!! Goo Buffy!! La meilleure série du monde!! (pardon, il fallait que je le redise un petit coup...) Merci pour le commentaire!!! Vive les commentaires!!! Gros bisoux!!!