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mardi 5 juin 2007

Yo ho, yo ho a Pirate's life for me...

Well, reader, I am a little sad today... I have been waiting to give this title to a post for AGES, and now that I can, I'm afraid the said post won't be as enthusiastic a I thought it would be. But well, what must be done must be done...

I went to the Royal English Cinema again on Sunday afternoon, and I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End". As you might have noticed in my precedent posts, (or not) I am a HUGE fan of the first episode, mainly because of the incredible brilliancy of Johnny Depp, who is a wonderful actor, incredibly talented, funny and believable in all circumstances, Mr Depp, will you marry me?

Anyway, I am afraid I got carried away for a second... Yeah, so "At World's End"... What can I say... Why do all Hollywood directors always feel the need to make their plots go all cosmic at the end? Why do they always have to try to do more, why can't they just keep going the way they were going before, in "Pirates of the Caribbean"'s case just fun and original? In this last episode, you deal with sea gods, a pirate's court (oh, by the way, an unfrench Frenchman once more!!), and the East India Company's men (the latter you have to deal with waaaay too often in my opinion).

But where is the rum gone? I mean, apart from a few auto-quotes and stuff, this movie has hardly anything to do with the exciting and fun spirit of the first one. Well, of course, I had a good time, I laughed quite a lot, and I would not neglect any occasion given to me to see such good actors on a big screen, the casting was fantastic, and the music was great.

But I liked it better when the movie was about telling the story of the characters, and not about showing off the great special effects, overdo it so that the audience keeps coming in (wrong choice, as far as I am concerned), and as I mentioned before, make references to the previous movies incessantly. Come on, guys, you are legend as far as I am concerned, but have a little modesty! I feel a little bit the same way about Ocean's 12, by the way: we know you guys were great in the first one, where is the need to throw it in our faces all over again? Is that not kind of childish? I liked Oceans 12 very much, by the way, it's just the incessant auto-references which tend to get on my nerves a little.

Anyway. I think that's all I have to say about Pirates of the Caribbean 3, so I'll just stop there, and tell you to go and see it anyway, because it's good fun, and better than most Hollywood blockbusters, in my opinion. Besides, if you do, then you can tell me your opinion about it, in which I am very interested!!

Well I have to go back to translating a text about "le foie gras dans l'antiquité" for my German course... I swear!!!! French Foie Gras in ancient history... (yeah, it needed the capitals)... How could I say Foie Gras in English... It's made with duck liver, and it's delicious, but it's so French, I don't think there even is a word for it in English, let alone German. Some English-speaking people have been known to call it pâté, but that's not allowed. FORBIDDEN!! Not pâté!! Pâté is a no-no. Now I can't even hear the word without thinking of the Austrian add for the fish-thingy with the guy singing "voulez vous pâté avec moi ce soir..." burkh!!! Anyway, foie gras was apparently invented by the ancient Egyptians... If you're interested, you can ask me, I'll soon be a specialist! :)

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Ah, un post qui parle de foie gras, très intéressant!!!

Héhé, c'est pour dire que Pirates des Caraïbes ça ne m'intéresse pas.

Euh, on pourrait ajouter que si on veut manger du foie gras il faut le faire maintenant: vu que c'est fabriqué de manière cruelle et insensible et immorale (oué, à la française quoi), il y a pas mal de gens qui militent pour son interdiction...

Claire a dit…

Oui, je sais, Roger Moore trouve ça immoral, mais bon, que veux tu... à mon avis, on a encore un peu de temps!!

Quant à Pirates des Caraïbes, c'est très intéressant!! Comment osez-vous??? :)

Anonyme a dit…

Aha, moi j'l'ai pas zencore vu (Pirates, I mean, pas le foie gras).

Et je suis contre l'interdiction (du foie gras, pas des pirates. Enfin, ça se discute. L'interdiction des pirates, pas l'interdiction du foie gras).

Egalement, je tiens à préciser que je n'ai pas bu avant d'écrire ce post. Ou si peu. Je voulais juste intervenir dans le débat. C'est chose faite, je vais donc aller me coucher.

Claire a dit…

Ah, ben, on a retrouvé le ruhm quelque part à Asnières :)

En tous cas, Pirates, ça vaut le détour, mais c'était quand même pas comme le un, c'est sûr. Quant au Foie gras, je suis pour, et donc contre l'interdiction. Hmmm, foie gras!! :)

birgit_leonhardsberger a dit…

Sorry, but since I can't speak French I have to make my contribution in English ;)

Overall I, personally, liked the third part of the trilogy. However, there were certainly scenes that were in my opinion just unnecessary and meant to stretch the movie a little.

Also, the producers didn't manage to make this part as funny as the first two parts. In order to make the audience laugh they invented some totally obscure scenes, like the ones where Johnny had to go schizophrenic.

Like you said, Claire, they just wanted to cap the other two parts. And yet, paradoxically, i would watch it again.

Claire a dit…

Well, I'de see it again too, sure, how could I resist... BUt I agree, the scene with the schizophrenic Sparrow was kind of overdone. Just as the scene in the big wheel in the second one... But I liked the wedding scene, I thought it was brilliant!! Though there was no Jack involved which is always a pity!! :)