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mardi 24 juin 2008

3%£**8 the whales, save the plankton

Not from a song, from a book. Which claims it's from a bumper sticker. Already told you about the book, btw, called "The Metaphysical Touch".

Anyway, I figured it was a good quote to introduce my post which is (not really) about the Fête de la Musique. The Fête de la Musique, as you might have guessed, is a French... well... a celebration, I guess I'd call it if I was asked to write a post about it... A celebration. A night when French amateurs go out on the street and make some music. Which is cool, really. Only I think it's become a little to whaley recently, and the plankton seems to have dramatically disappeared from the radar (yeah, I know you'd never see plankton on a radar, but you see what I mean. Make an effort for the sake of my cool metaphor, will you?).

Metal punk rock underground trash hard punk metal did I say punk groups seem to have taken over. Which is cool, I mean, because we need it and stuff. Only the trouble is, sadly, you don't see too many string quartets playing near the river anymore, because mostly, bigger groups have oversized speakers, and you wouldn't hear them. This is a street, guys, not the Stade de France. But it was still fun to walk around with my best friend V and make silly comments about people, and we had a nice evening, which is the main thing!

Besides, we still heard nice music, like for example a gipsy music group near the library, which was really cool and nice, and I hope there's here again next year.

I also turned on the TV when I got home, and guess who I saw there ?? Jason Mraz. Did I tell you about Jason Mraz? I don't think I did. Because I was waiting till I had actually bought the CD before telling you about Jason Mraz.

He's very very cool, and since I discovered his coolness on the "50 first dates" soundtrack, I have found at least 3 songs which made me make faces when I was on the bus. Like ^_^ that.
maybe even like *^_^* that. And I hadn't even seen his tattoo at that time... I also got more interested through my friend A, from Dresden, who told me more about his awesomeness. Mr Mraz, indeed, seems to be much more popular in Germany than he is in France (i.e. He is popular in Germany, and no one knows him in France) and I first heard "I'm yours" while listening to the German radio SWR2...

Anyway. You just need to listen to Jason Mraz. So here are 3 "videos", I hope you like them. I do anyway. In case you hadn't noticed.

Life is Wonderful. Only I like the accoustic version much better. (Or is it accoustique?)


My favourite link, cause no video is always better if you ask me.
As you might have guessed, I also bought the CD, except I have not listened to the whole of it yet, (I am currently watching Dr Who like a maniac, and when I am not, I am watching How I Met your Mother like a maniac, and my MP3 player's packed, so I have to figure out what to erase before I have room for Jason Mraz, and then I'll be able to give each of the songs a thorough, bus-riding listening, and it's going to make me happy before I go to work, which is, believe me, not that easy.)
Have a nice evening!!

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hihihi, quelle nana du 21ème siècle tu fais ! Des séries sur internet, des liens vers des chansons, un blog, ton lecteur MP3 saturé... ça m'fait rire, on dirait une pub !

(Mais je dis ça gentiment, hein ! D'un air attendri, comme ça).

Claire a dit…

^_^Je prends ça comme un compliment !
Ceci dit, une vraie nana du 21ème siècle, elle aurait inclus les vidéos directement sur sa page et tout, pas la peine d'envoyer les gens sur YouTube... Seulement j'ai frôlé la crise d'angoisse en voyant le code HTML sur mon post, donc j'ai reposé ma souris trèès trèès doucement et fait 5 pas en arrière et tout...

Anonyme a dit…

A mon avis un lien vers Youtube c'est plus safe, considérant hadopi and co.

Aussi: c'est comme de la musique parfaite de dimanche matin, ce garçon, non? Encore une raison de ne pas m'approcher d'une fnac dans les semaines qui viennent :-s

Claire a dit…

Alors, deux questions : Kesse ke c Hadopi ? et Pas t'approcher d'une fnac car tu n'as pas de sous, ou parce que de la musique de dimanche matin, ça craint ? (Je suis leeeeeente !!)

Sinon, j'ai trouvé un blog marrant ^_^ faudra que je te file l'adresse !

Anonyme a dit…

Hadopi c'est la loi création et internet, qui contre le peer to peer, nia nia.
La fnac c'est parce que j'ai pas de sous. Et la musique du dimanche matin c'est très chouette et très important, parce qu'on veut pas écouter la messe sur notre radio normale et qu'on n'aime que deux radios musicales, dont une vient de perdre sa fréquence, et l'autre a une fréquence incompatible avec notre salon (ou quelque chose).