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jeudi 6 septembre 2007

Creeping Death

Rrrrrrrr Reader, will that Chinese guy EVER arrive with my fried noodles? I'm starving to death, right now, this is likely to be my very last message. If (when) I die, please tell my family and friends that I love them, and spread my ashes somewhere nice. Not in the Gange, because it's too polluted... I don't know. In the Lauch in my hometown. That's romantic. "Spread my ashes in the Lauch" said Claire, and with a last, angry growl from her stomach, she passed away". Yeah. I kind of like the idea.

The Chinese guy did arrive, however, and now I am bound to postpone my beautiful death scene to some other day (probably tomorrow, I guess, at around 12.59...)

Anyway. The reason why I am writing this post, reader, is to tell you about my last "English speaking experience", because I went to the movies with V, as she was in Paris, and we saw "Premonition" the latest Sandra Bullock movie. We knew it was risky business, what with Sandra Bullock not exactly being the ultimate guarantee for a good movie (but well, who would that be anyway... Paul Bettany made Dogville, Johnny Depp made some dreary stuff I don't even feel like watching, Ewan McGregor made the new Star Wars, not to mention Shahrukh Khan, who was in some of the worst crap I ever saw on DVD...) Anyway, we went, because nothing else inspired us, and after getting robbed by the cashier (are they CRAZY or what in Paris???? 9€90 for a ticket?? Who are they kidding?), we landed in our seats without really knowing why.
The movie was actually quite good, and it got me thinking, afterwards. It was not very clever, and the characters sometimes acted irrationally for screenplay purposes, which irritates me (like "Darling, how about you go check the cellar, I'll go in the attic, and the first one of us who finds the gross intestine-spitting ghost with two mouths and a heart of stone wins the right to scream like hell and be gutted, wouldn't that be a fun game?"). There were quite big holes in the said screenplay as well, but, however, it was really nice. It had a message and stuff, though it was marketed as a horror movie. I mean, it was more like Dark Water: freaky, but not just freaky. Not "Silent-Hill"-freaky. More like destiny-does-weird-things-to-make-you-understand-the-meaning-of-life-freaky

I didn't like Silent Hill. It was very freaky, disgusting to the point of being sickening (here I think about that scene where they burn a woman alive, thank you, Mr Filmmaker), and it did not have any kind of ending. Like in the X-Files episodes, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. They tell you more and more about that creature that lives in the sewers and can come up in your toilets, they terrorize you so much that you can't stay in the toilet while it flushes, and then in the end they just put up the credits and it's up to you to figure out what happened, or if we'll ever see the said butt-biting creature again, like. Silent Hill was the same. They struggle to escape some kind of dream-land of horror (nightmare-land is more like it, but it doesn't sound good), and in the end, you don't know if they did or not. Escape I mean. I need to take a "How to use brackets properly"-course next year...

Maybe I just did not understand the ending though, but in any case, I really don't like it when I feel like I'm stupid while watching a movie. Like in the second Matrix during the 5 hour long speech of the Architect. After a while, you start wondering if it makes any sense at all to anybody, (screenwriter included). I choose to doubt it, but then again, it's a matter of self-esteem.

Anyway. Premonition had an ending, not too many passages which got you angry at your own/the filmmaker's lack of brains, and it was really entertaining, though a bit long. So if you don't know what to do on Sunday evening, you can go see that. Backside-wise, Julian MacMahon is in it (the guy from Nip/Tuck), but he's not my favourite, honestly. They should have given his part to Clive Owen...
Anyway. I have to go now, because it's time for me to go back home (yeah, I only write during my lunch break and after work, which is why I skipped directly from the Chinese delivery to going back home...) The empty place where my brain should be is boiling and steaming after one more afternoon of Excel-testing... The journalist actually had to tell me how to copy and paste something... I guess I must be overtired, the poor man needs quite a lot of patience with me! Anyway. I'll go home, now, it's curry night tonight, and Naveen Andrews is waiting for me in the kitchen... Wouldn't want to make him wait!

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Coucou c'est Sabrina!
Il m'a fallu du temps pour comprendre, mais je crois que dans Silent Hill, en fait, la mere et la fille sont mortes (depuis l'accident de voiture au debut, comme la femme flic) et se retrouvent dans une sorte de purgatoire avec les autres habitants (aussi morts) de Silent Hill.
C'est un film super creepy, ca donne envie de regarder des Walt Disney non-stop apres :-)
(Excellent blog, au fait!!)

Claire a dit…

Aaaaah!! Ok!! Donc du coup, elles seraient au purgatoire pendant tout le film, la pauvre gendarmette qui se fait passer au barbecue est une sorte d'ange, et à la fin, elles vont au paradis? Et les horribles chasseurs de sorcières, ce sont juste des abominables gens décédés qui sont condamnés à rester au purgatoire?
En tous cas, en effet, c'était super creepy! Abominable! Un petit bambi n'aurait pas été de trop -Bon si on est au purgatoire, peut-être sa mère, plutôt...
C'était beau aussi, visuellement. mais je n'ai quand même pas trop aimé, c'était un peu trop "flou et onirique" pour moi...

Merci beaucoup en tous cas! (yeah! yeah! vive les commentaires!)

Plein de bisoux ^^