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vendredi 28 septembre 2007

Mr Brightside

***Warning: here be spoilers. If you reaaaaally want to go see "28 weeks later" (don't, reader! Don't!! It's a trap!) then do NOT read this post***

What a bloody disappointment! I am so disappointed! Very very unhappy! I don't know if you've seen "28 days later", Danny Boyle's great zombie movie (well, the bad guys are not really zombies, but I guess that's still the category it would fall under...) but if you have, like me, watched it and liked it, then do not go see the second episode!!

In the first movie, which, as I said, was great, a crazy english guinea monkey infected by "rage" after watching too much TV (I simplify...) had contaminated PETA activists, who in turn turned into crazy flesh eating monsters.

I had followed the wanderings of Cillian Murphy through an empty and devastated London, seen him meet and mourn some other survivors, seen a pretty clever idea of what people would do in such a desperate situation, and the whole lot was very believable and very interesting. As well as freaky. And funny sometimes. I remember a scene when the hero and his crew are trying to get out of London and into Manchester, and they have a choice between going through a tunnel or staying on the road. They go through the tunnel, and you, as a watcher, think "What a stupid idea, NO ONE would ever actually choose this option". And at exactly the same time, Cillian Murphy starts screaming that it's an obviously bad idea, and there you go! you laugh it off, Danny Boyle's need to get a blood-filled and terrifying scene because the rythm was getting too slow is forgiven and forgotten.

That's exactly what was missing in the new movie. First of all, it was absolutely not original. It was a little slow to start, and the scenario was full of holes (for one thing, they said men could no be contaminated by animals, which is obviously not true, since the infection started by a monkey biting a man ; the army left an infected woman alone and unattended in a room, of which her husband had the key, I mean, come on, Mr Filmmaker, what do you think we are, dumb or somthing?) But apart from that, it was just people being killed, burnt to death, killed by the insertion of thumbs in the brain through the eye-sockets, I mean, it was just blood, and unjustified violence which made me pukey. Not even interested, just pukey.

It was a little bit like in the Stephen King books when he starts describing bone pieces and wounds and stuff, and it's just so gross you don't even notice it anymore. I just watched the whole movie, and did not notice how disgusting it was. The only thing that reminded me of it was that I was faintly sick coming out of the cinema.

Besides, the one good thing about bad movies usually, is that they make me laugh a little (as in Underworld, for example. Veeery bad, but pretty funny, if you take the whole thing as not really serious). But this one was just cruel. Cruel to the characters, which, even if they are really stupid, make you feel for them a little, cruel to my stomach (ugh, all those people vomiting blood all over the place), cruel to my bank account (I need those 5 € to pay for my lunch, Mr Filmmaker)... It was not funny. In a word, don't go see it. Ah, the music was good, though, but it was the same one as in episode 1, so you'd better watch this one again, really
Apart from that, well, not much to say lately, I have to admit... The university homecoming blues has gone away (we went to a great party with my friends yesterday evening, it was really cool), I met some nice new people I did not know, and I'm getting ahead with the Project. Might involve wine, as it turns out... I'm finding this Project thing more and more interesting. Oh, and my yoga lesson was cancelled, it doesn't start before next week actually... Well, I'd better go, because I have to go the the university tomorrow, though it's saturday, because they got maniac and want us to sit exams AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR, DURING THE WEEK-END!!! I do think that they're trying to kill us. That they hate us is pretty clear, already, but come on! Courses from 9 to 16 on a saturday!!!

Good night reader! Don't go to the cinema!!

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Anonyme a dit…

Erque mais c'est dégoûtant cette photo!

Sur mon ordinateur avec mon écran verdâtre j'avais pas compris ce que c'était, mais là au travail j'ai toutes les couleurs qui ressortent...

...J'aurais peut-être pas dû prendre du boudin à midi moi...

Claire a dit…

oué, dégueu! Pourri! Nul! Crade!

Ceci dit, le boudin à midi, c'est TOUJOURS une mauvaise idée!! :D