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lundi 10 septembre 2007

Maahi Ve

I DID IT!! I DID IT!! I'm so happy!! I bought a saree!! Yeah, I know what you're thinking, reader, I shouldn't have, I'll never have any occasion to wear it somewhere else than home, but it was part of what I really wanted to do, once in my lifetime: try a saree, see if it fits. And it does! I'm so happy! Besides, honestly, it wasn't all that expensive.
It's part of those things you'd like to know. I mean, "how would I look like in a saree"? Is that not a question anyone would like to answer? Ok maybe not the French rugby team members, but then again, you NEVER know what secret dreams people entertain, deep inside... Double good thing about my saree is that if I get tired of wearing it, I can still pin it on my wall, because it looks very nice. You can't make curtains with all pieces of clothing, but a saree is very easy to recycle. It's very fun to put on, as well, provided that you're not alone... It's just a huge piece of cloth (aproximately 6.30m) and you have to wrap yourself in it, tuck it here and there, fold it nicely, and then poof! Magic! You have a dress! Well it takes an average of 30 minutes, but as I said, hours of fun with the saree, provided there is someone patient to read the instructions out loud to you and detect the mushy places in you wrapping.

I had tried that "let's see how it looks like" experience once before, with my hair... It did not have quite the same positive effect on my mood. For one thing, hair you can't take off before going out. So if it doesn't work, you have to wait until you can wash them and dry them before you get back to being your normal self again. As you might have noticed from my photo up there, my hair is very curly and, well, what can I say... It doesn't seem to obey the same physical laws as the rest of the universe. The concept of gravity is completely unknown to my hair. It has a life of its own, takes its own decisions, and its dearest wish would be to fly to the moon. I wish they had more 'down to earth' wishes. Like gold mining or something. Entomology maybe. Something that would keep them pointing to the ground, in a word. Actually I guess they must be dead interested in stocks, because what they do is more one day up, one day down. Actually, I wish they were less interested in gold mining, maybe that's what makes them go up, up, up :).
Anyway. I decided to go to the hairdresser one day and find out what kind of a face I would have with straight hair. Baaaad idea. I looked like a mix between Gollum (long, dark, dead-looking tufts hanging from my head), and an afghan hound. A purple one. I don't blame the hairdresser, she was lovely and afraid of burning my skull, so she did not go too far towards it with her iron, but then the roots were curly and poofed-up, and everything else was flat and dry, and it was terrible. Good thing is, I complain twice less about my hair since the experience. Now I Know.

My sari however, makes me even more decided to marry Shahrukh Khan. Unlikely. Well, Abhishek Bachchan. No, taken as well (me vs Aiswharya Rai, the odds are of 1 to 18 billion). Well, I don't know who I'm going to marry yet, but he'll have to manage me looking like a sushi, to like indian music and chicken palake. Apart from that, he does whatever he likes, I'll even deal with see-through shirts once in a while if he really can't live without. Here I am making private jokes again, so I guess I'd better just stop writing... I have a terrible migraine coming up as well, so please forgive any typo and my crappy style, for once, I have an actual excuse!

Oh, and by the way, congratulations to my sister M who passed all her exams! And good luck for your thesis!

Have a very nice evening, I'm going home to my sister, my bed and an aspirin (I like that plan!!)

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Anonyme a dit…

Hello choupette, merci pour le mot. Et bravo pour l'allusion délicate à la Chronique, mais tu aurais pu mettre un lien non?
Moi je t'en mets un, à lire quand tu n'auras plus mal à la tête... ... http://www.e-sante.be/be/magazine_sante/sante_maladies/souffrez_migraine_aura-7187-645-art.htm

Claire a dit…

Merci pour l'article! Je suis pile dans le cadre! Ce matin, j'ai de nouveau des auréoles devant les yeux, et j'ai de nouveau oublié mon nurofen à la maison, alors j'espère que ça va vite passer!

Merci merci, en tous cas!! A bientôt!