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jeudi 3 juillet 2008

I want it all (pouinouinouinnnn) I want it aaaaaalll....and I want it NOW!

Hi reader!

Tis me again! Today, I will not be complaining about next year, because, guess what, I have found another, a bigger thing to complain about. Is that not great news? Luckily for me, it has got nothing to do with my personal life.

I have been surfing the Internet lately, and I have read quite a lot about actors and actresses, because as you know, I am interested in cinema. (Who said "is cinema French for gossip?" in that sarcastic tone? It's not nice. Not nice at all. If you keep on being mean to me, I'll start crying about not being in Year 2 again...)

I have thus been able to read plenty of articles calling a great variety of actors and actresses "the greatest movie star ever". This has annoyed me a little on Hollywood-related websites. Please, people, do get together and decide who the greatest movie star ever really is (more to the point, decide that Paul Bettany is), because this is getting extremely confusing and unprofessional (especially the fact that you very seldom recognize that it is Paul Bettany). I am not here talking about fan-blogs and the like, because they are obviously entitled to call the object of their long, loving posts "greatest movie star ever", of course (except maybe when they are writing about Scarlett J.... OK, OK, I'll leave her alone...). I am talking about serious newspapers.

This seems to reach unprecedented frequency in articles about Bollywood stars. Writers of articles about Bollywood seem to either have no imagination whatsoever, or to rely solely on fan-blogs to write their articles. Find me, please, reader, an article about a specific indian actor or actress who has not been called the King, Queen, Prince, Duke, Count or Baronnet of Bollywood. Ben Kingsley does not count. And neither do Lost's Sayid nor Heroes' cute Doctor (Aaaah, Heroes' cute doctor...). I am only talking about Bollywood actors.

First of all, royal family comparisons are really lame, and completely unoriginal : "The King of this" and the "Queen of that" should be used only by matress outlets in lousy shopping centers.

The only good thing I find about it would be that, provided we take the title a little seriously, it would be a good idea to ask their highnesses to behave a little more nobly. "Hoy, King Khan, put that shirt back on this INSTANT! This is not allowed by the protocol" like that... I'm sure it would make Indian cinema more popular, more serious and more interesting all of a sudden. A real royalty could make it look a little less cheap. I mean, look at Devdas if you want proof: Noble families who take themselves reaaaally seriously, and poof: the least cheap-looking indian movie ever shot!

Anyway. That was today's rant by the self proclaimed Baronness of the Blogosphere. Have a nice day (and I mean it! Have a nice day!)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Ooooh, "unprecedented frequency", eh ? Going all posh on us now, eh ? Think yer better than os, innit?

Nan j'rigole.

Hé mais tu ne blasphèmes pas un peu, quand même ? SRK n'est-il PAS le King of Bollywwod ?? Attention, hein, la fan police va venir faire une descente chez toi... ça sent la confiscation de goodies...

Claire a dit…

Nan, mais si, mais lui, ça va, mais Salman Khan aussi, et aussi Amitab Bachchan, alors merde, ils n'ont qu'à faire un colloque et se décider, hein, quoi, bon. Sans effusion de sang, si possible. Avec Shahrukh qui gagne à la fin. Z'ont qu'a en faire un film, tiens, d'ailleurs. Sauf qu'il seferait rétamer par Salman Khan et ses gros muscles...

Sinon, tu fais vachement bien l'accent , par écrit, chuis super impressionnée... XD