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vendredi 4 mai 2007

It's raining again!

Hey! It's raining again!! There we go! I'm actually happy to see a few drops, it's reassuring, and I've seen enough sun the past few days not to be depressed by a little greyness and water...

I wanted to start this post by wishing all my French Friends good luck!!! Their exams have started this week!! It's a lot of stress, and a lot of work, so I thought, I'd send them good blogging waves! You're the best!! You'll do it!! Go! Go! Go!! :)

Well, I have to tell you too, reader, I've been bad. I turned on my computer and thought, "there girl, you need some inspiration, something to blog about today". So I thought, let's go listen to a nice "Here on Earth" podcast. But first, let's watch an episode of House. First mistake. One ought to go and do the right thing at once. Especially me. Anyway. I went to the incredible TV-Links website, and I side-tracked. Baaaaaad Claire.

I clicked on American Idol.

I know I shouldn't have, it's just that I've been seeing the links for the past few weeks, and I was interested in knowing what it would look like, in America. We have our own version in France, called "A la Recherche de la Nouvelle Star", and I actually like the jury and stuff, it's fun to watch, especially at the beginning, so I thought I might as well make a little comparison between the American and the French version.

I'm not a big fan, mind you, I watch pieces of it once in a while. I'm not dead set aginst those real TV shows either. I mean, I like it better when they actually do something, instead of just sitting in a house and insulting each other, like in Big Brother, and the people who come out of it are just like all other singers. So I think it's not making the world a worse place. Surely not a better one, either, but well...

I was shocked at what I saw!! I mean, the jury is awfully rude to people, absolutely not even trying to be polite, I thought it was terrible. Funny, too, of course, but really terrible! In France we say no, I mean, we do, and sometimes there's a bit of bashing going on, but not like that!!

Then again, the candidates... Anything at all, from tap dancing to juggling, dressing up, singin a rock version of Abba (and that was far from being the worst)... I don't really know how they stand it. More to the point, I don't know how they manage to keep a straight face. I would either start crying, have violent outbursts, or have a fit of laughter. Maybe all three together. I'd laugh till I cry, and punch people. If you're looking for real entertainment, American Idol people, take me into the jury! It's like watching the Monty Python's singing version of the Funny Walk sketch, except that they are not being funny on purpose...

Are you going to believe me if I pretend it was all a very clever cultural attempt to study the differences between America and my home country? No? I understand. But still, I think I'm going to try and tell you about the few differences I did notice:

-In America (Minneapolis was the city I watched) people get to talk and defend themselves, they can argue their case, whereas in France, they sing, they are thrown out, and that's that.

-People are less rude in France, generally, both the jury and the candidates

-People are less strange in France, generally, both the jury and the candidates

Altogether, I found the American version much more cruel, and much more entertaining. I'm bad...

Well, I think that's all for today. Hope you're going to do fun things this week end reader! I'm going to work a little, sleep a lot, and wait till sunday evening, when I'll have the results of the French election. Not much suspense really, though... It's depressing... A bientôt!

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

C'est Véro !
Merci pour ton soutien !
C'est super sympa !
Je pense bien à toi aussi pour l'Autriche !
Ca ne doit pas être simple tout les jours !

En tout cas merci de penser à nous :-)
Grooooosse biz

Claire a dit…

Mais de rien!! Je pense bien fort a vous, et pas qu'en période d'exam!! Vous me manquez bcp!!Merci merci!!! (comme elles sont jolies!!!)Gros bisoux à twa aussi!!!