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dimanche 27 mai 2007

Slováci ožijú

Dobre Djienn, reader! (that's a rough phonetic translation of the Slovak Hello, please do not use it in public, as it might as well mean something bad, if you pronounce it the wrong way, which I very likely do... )

I had a great time in Bratislava, which is a really pretty city!! I was a little worried about how it would look like, and if we were going to have enough things to see with my sister, but I really had a nice and interesting week end!!

The churches and squares are really beautiful, the people very welcoming, and we were so lucky as to have very good weather too, which was nice. We could stay outdoors all day, and it really felt like holidays. We walked all through the historical center of the city, and I was quite surprised at the great number of tourists over there, I mean, I did not think that Slovakia would be such a big touristic destination... But it's a very nice city, it's really worth visiting, especially for a flash week-end like that.

I liked the funny statues of people all over town, as well as the churches and buildings, freshly painted! It was a little more recent than I thought, as well, apart from the old medieval castle (Pressburg) on top of the hill in the center of town... the other buildings did not look mediaeval at all, more like Graz, somehow, or Vienna, but in more modest, maybe, and I liked the atmosphere better. But then again, I was there just for fun, so maybe this made a big difference.

It was also quite strange to see the big contrast between the nice and flowery city centre and the run down streets in some places, with broken windows and old bricks showing under the paint... but this had a certain odd charm as well.

What was less pleasing about the place was the fact that I could not understand a single word of what they were saying. Nothing at ALL! That felt strange, because I never was in a country where I did not understant the language before. I mean, I only travelled to either English or German speaking countries, so it was not too difficult to cope, but in Slovakia... Not a single word!! We got a flash course from my ex-roommate Petra, who taught us how to say "thank you" (sounds like dyakoo-yem), but I was too busy asking for news from Dublin to bother with a full language crash course.

Anyway. Bratislava is really a great city, I was very happy to see my sister, and I had a great time, though my feet are of a different opinion. But they are just being mean, really, because I treated them ill... And so are my shoulders, very itchy, complaining that they were in the sun all week end... I do hope they will forgive me overnight, because I'm getting slightly annoyed, to tell you the truth... But tomorrow I'll have to make up for this all-fun no-work week-end, so I guess I'll stay in the shade, and rest my feet!! Make my brain work a little, for a change... :)

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Anonyme a dit…

Claire, how exciting to find your blog and read the posts from some of my other 6th cousins. Please tell Marion hello. You are traveling near the land of my mother's father - Moravia. I found your blog by a Google search for Phillipe. I have been trying to contact him by phone or e-mail. Please respond to this post by sending me an e-mail to an address that I seldom use -d3jp.att.net. Finding your blog is like finding a long lost loved relative. We look forward to hearing from you.
Duwain & Jean in Texas

Claire a dit…

Dear Jean and Duwain,

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!! I was really happy to see it this morning! I have tried to write an e-mail to you, but it did not work! could you possibly mail me at the following adress (cgarteiser@itnet.ie) which I don't unse very often, so that I can answer you?

Thanks again for commenting, I hope you are both well!


Anonyme a dit…

Hello Claire, Duwain told me about your blog and I have enjoyed reading about your travels. Now you know our feelings when we were in France where we could not understand the language. We are forever grateful that you could bridge our language barrier. Bob and I have such happy memories of our visits with you and your family. We will always remember the day you showed us your city of Colmar. We would like to hear from you.
Love, Cecilia and Bob

Claire a dit…

Dear Cecilia and Bob,

Thank you very much for commenting! I am very happy to hear from you! It is a real pleasure to get in touch with my Texan family again! Our visit of Colmar is a very good memory for me too! I hope you'll come back soon! As I told Jean and Duwain, me and my family are doing very well, but if you'd like some more precise news, maybe you could send me a mail at this adress (cgarteiser@itnet.ie) and I could give you a longer answer!

Thanks again!