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The main purpose of this blog is to give an overview of the things I do, in my everyday life, in order to improve my English. Since I am a very lazy person, I mostly read, and watch movies, and do things which make it possible for me to improve my vocabulary, my grammar and my accent without getting bored... So this blog is going to be about the books I read, the movies I watch, and some other things which I find relevant (or not)...

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samedi 24 mars 2007

Cry me a river...

Beuh, reader!!! Double beuh!!! (snirfl)

Well, where should I begin...

I went to the speed-friending event at "The Office" tonight. It was very well organised, and I liked the pub, and the atmosphere was great. But it did not quite work out... Where should I begin...

Well, I stopped at the call-shop near my place on my way there, cause I wanted to say hi to my best friend from France and talk to my mother (because she is in the hospital now, she just got a hip-replacement operation. She's doing fine.) Up to then, everything was OK. But that's when it started to go wrong... They smoke a lot at the call shop, (cause it's not forbidden, in Austria, to smoke in public places), and I kind of felt my eyes getting red, and I sneezed a lot.

Then I went out, and walked to the pub, under the rain. I was stopped on my way by a lovely guy from Nigeria, who said "I saw you at the call shop and thought "oh"".


No, I mean, thanks. "Oh"... I'm not talking to you anymore, man. I'm not talking to you unless you say "I saw you at the call shop and thought "Never knew, I could feel like this... like I've never seen the sky before... Want to vanish inside your kiss... Every day I love you more and more." Yeah. A girl needs to have standards...

Anyway. So I talked to the nice guy from Nigeria on the way, who was very impressed by my height (reason why he thought "oh") Point of this is that he spoke English and not German, so I guess I have used my English a little already at that point in the evening.

Then I arrived at the pub, was assigned a spot, sat down, and talked, with a lot of people, from a lot of places. And sneezed. More than I spoke actually. And blew my nose in a fashion as ladylike as I could make it (i.e. not very). Especially insofar as I did not have more than one pack of tissues. But I don't mean to gross you out. Somehow, my different speaking partners did not seem to enjoy speaking to the gooey monster of table Nb2. I really can't see why. I'm sure I looked lovely, with my red eyes and my increasingly red nose. Well, anyway, so when the event was over, I got up, and waited for someone to talk to me ("Hi!! I'b Glaire!! I'b vrom Vrance"), and looked around for lonely people whom I could talk to, both of which I did without success, so I just went home!!

And now it's half past nine, and I feel like a complete loser!!! Well, not a complete loser, I won a great raffle prize for one hour of squash. Because having a crappy evening is not enough, you also have to be PUNISHED for annoying everyone with your sniffing noises all evening. Anyway. If anybody here is interested in squash, please, let me know, I have that wonderful raffle ticket I don't know what to do with.

I should not despair though, I met nice people (who probably don't ever want to see me again), including an Italian who told me "I thought you were a Brit". So I said "Thanks". And he looked disappointed and said "I thought you'd be offended!". I thought about pretending to be offended and telling him to go away, but I did not, because I am a nice person. And also all that allergy-thing is probably slowing my brain down. But I made bitter comments about Italy winning the soccer world cup instead of France and how we'd never forgive them. Yeah, I know, I have a wonderful technique to make friends. Anyway. So, there we go, that was a summary of my wonderful evening at the Office. As I said, it's nothing to do with the organisation, which was really good, or the participants, which were real nice. This post is actually a protest against smoking in public places in Austria...

Well, I guess I'm going to go and fetch myself a herbal tea before watching Austria vs Ghanna... Aaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaargh!!!! Why me!!!???

9 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

¡¡Hola Clarita!!
Chouette, un blog de cousine! bon, je me permets d´ecrire en francais, en fait moi j´en ai marre qu´on m´arrëte dans la rue en sussurrant "Hello gringa, How ale you baby, do you want to eat tipical peruvian food, riiico"...
Haha, entre les Nigerians expressifs et les pubs enfumés, ta ptite histoire m´a bien fait rire, témoins les types du café internet qui louchent par dessus mon epaule (c´est rigolo un peruvien qui louche). Bon courage pour la suite, je repasserai lire tes aventures! J´espere que tout s est bien passé pour Gisele?

Claire a dit…

Hoa la classe!! J'ai des commentaires du Pérou!!! Je suis ravie!! Ah, les cafés internet, c'est toujours tout un poème... ON y passe des heures en compagnie de gens très très louches... OUi, Maman va très bien, elle a déjà pu se lever et arpenter le couloir avec ses béquilles aujourd'hui, et elle est contente, car elle a plein de visite. DAns l'ensemble, je crois qu'on peut dire qu'elle tient la forme!!!

Merci pour le commentaire (la classe!!! Un commentaire du Pérou!!!) Au fait, comment est-ce que tu est tombée sur mon blog?

Bon courage pour el suita!! (je tente, hein...)

Plein de bisoux!!

Dôdu-Vérô a dit…

Salout !
Je suis pas la 1ère à écrire ! ça m'épate !!
C'est quoi une Brit ???
Bref je suis à fond pour les standards moi aussi !
Tu auras du le cogner le gars dans la rue ;-)
Bref sur ces paroles pleine d'amour de mon prochain je m'en vais lire les autres nouveautés !!

Claire a dit…

Une Brit, c'est une britanique. D'où le fait que j'étais flattée parce que c'est un compliment pour mon accent. Obtenu après des heures d'entraînement avec mon pari Paul, bien entendu... :-D
J'ai pensé à le cogner, mais bon, comme dit, je suis une gentille fille... + ou-, selon les jours... :-) Gros bisoux!!

Dôdu-Vérô a dit…

Tu voulais le cogner parce qu'il t'a fait un compliment ?
ah non ! tu parles du gars qui a dit "oh" !(?)
En tout cas je suis sûre que ton pari Paul est très utile !
Bon je vais sur msn pour t'envoyer un mail !!!

Claire a dit…

Je voulais le cogner pour lui apprendre à faire des commentaires sur ma taille!! Non mais!! Je lui ai demandé son avis??? Enfin. J'aurais du aussi taper sur l'Italien à cause de la coupe du monde, mais que veux tu, hein, Claire Gandhi Garteiser Bettany... vache, c long!!... :-)

A tout de suite, alors!!

natalia_z a dit…


I'm also against smoking at public places in Austria. And you know what? It's quite a cincidence that only we, foreigners, nag about it...;) Honestly, I've never heard any Austrians having problems with it;)
Besides, my congratulations for your sense of humour you let flow in your words.

betty030187 a dit…

There´s one thing I wanted to mention- you are very ambitious!!! I´m so impressed by the amount and quality of your entries. You really are a talent and you have a great sense of humour.

I can also understand that you have problems with smoking at public places. In Austria it really is a problem and it can be very annoying!!!

Just one question at the end: Why did you choose Austria for your exchange programme? And do you like it here?

Claire a dit…

Hey!! New comments!! I looooove comments!!! To answer your question, Betty, I am in Austria because I am a big snub, I'd like to come back to France and have everybody ask me where I learnt my German, because I'll have caught a funny accent here. And so far I do like it! I've had some integration problems at the university choir (I don't know what's wrong with these people!!), but appart from that, it's been fine! Even though my German needs improving, but I'm sure that's going to come!! Also, my other choice was Regensburg in Germany, and the 'Regen' part did not appeal too much to me! Especially since I just came back from Dublin, enough is enough!
Thanx again for posting comments!! It makes me feel special!! XD!