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vendredi 23 mars 2007

Money money money...

Today, I want to tell you about the Daily Reckoning. I thought I needed something to compensate the frivolity of everything I have written so far, which is mostly just about cinema, music, or my time abroad, and I decided to tell you about this newsletter.

Yes reader, tonight, tonight, won't be just any night.

The Daily Reckoning is an American free newsletter about the American economy and the stock exchange in general. It might not be your main interest in life (I confess it is not mine) but reading it once in a while is a nice way to keep up with the world of finance, in an entertaining way. Indeed. "The world of Finance in an Entertaining way". No, I would not have believed it either. But in fact, they even manage to be funny!! And it's pretty interesting to see that in a way, the world is actually ruled by the American stock exchange. (At least until the world starts ruling the American stock exchange, which should be soon, according to the authors of this newsletter).

Many people collaborate to it, but they have in common their wish to get off the beaten tracks and give us a more critical view of the situation. Well, critical is actually an understatement. They mostly have doomsday-scenario kinds of opinions. Which can bring you down. But, once in a while, I find it to be a really interesting read! My personal favourite is Richard Daughty, (a.k.a. the Mogambo Guru) who is very funny, but nonetheless instructive. And Bill Bonner, the main writer, who also writes best-selling books about finance in America, has really good articles too, which are maybe some of the easiest to read in this daily chronic.

Of course, since it is a theme I don't read about too often, it is sometimes difficult to understand, and you definitely have to read more than one of those articles to be able to appreciate them. There are frequently some words I have to check, but, in away, is that not precisely the point? I find it very enriching. I might not need to use expressions such as "gold bullion" and "subprime mortgage" very often, but one never knows. Besides, they are still easier to put in a conversation than "spittoon".

Well, readers, I think that's all I have to tell you about "the Daily Reckoning" so I'll leave it at that. Oh no! I nearly forgot... Here's the link!!

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