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dimanche 18 mars 2007

How long must we sing this song?

Hello again!

So, here comes my first post about music. Because I love music. This is not going to be very elaborate, it is just a transcript from a live version of the famous song "Sunday Bloody Sunday", by the Irish band U2. Well, I guess you all know the song, but what I am going to write down there is the "speech" part of the live performance. I found it very moving, and it talks about something I did not really know much about, i.e. the links between the troubles in Northern Ireland and the USA. So here you go!! -oh, yes, and I'm sorry, Bono uses the f... word *o*

"Let me tell you something: I've had enough of Irish-Americans, who haven't been back to their country in 20 or 30 years, come up to me, and talk about the resistance, the revolution back home... and the glory of the revolution, and the glory of dying for the revolution. Fuck the revolution.

They don't talk about the glory of killing for the revolution. What's the glory in taking a man from his bed and gunning him down in front of his wife and his children? Where is the glory in that? In bombing a rememberance day parade of old age pensioners, their medals taken out and polished up for the day? Where is the glory in that? To leave them dying, or crippled for life, or dead, under the rubble of the revolution?

But the majority of the people in my country don't want no more..."

I have a lot of admiration for this speech, because it was made during a live performance in Chicago, and I think it must have demanded quite a lot of courage to say things like that to a public amongst which I guess, where some people who would have disagreed with Bono. Everyone knows that U2 is very much involved in a lot of charity, and supports a lot of causes, both in their songs and in different organisations, which can end up being a little irritating (do they think they can actually save the world? Well I guess maybe they can, but you don't have to agree...)

Anyhow, I find their opinion on this particular topic more interesting than on many others, insofar as they actually know what they are talking about, since they come from Dublin. Bono himself had to face problems in his personal life, as a youth, because his parents were a "mixed couple", his mother being a Catholic, and his father a protestant. Not an easy situation in Dublin in the 70's.

I suppose it comes out much better when you get to actually hear it, but I don't know yet how to put a link to some music on this, so... Hopefully a litte later!!

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Désolée j'ai effacé le précédent commentaire ! Je recommence : Vive U2 ! Vive les concerts au stade de France ! et désolée d'écrire des commentaires partout ! Ton blog est sympa et très varié ! c'est cool ! Je vais me calmer pour ne pas tout gâcher !