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mercredi 21 mars 2007

There's no business like show business

Hello again!!

Well, I was just re-reading the posts I've... well... posted so far, and I thought I really needed to tell you about my favourite website in the whole world, The Internet Movie Database.

It's just so amazingly complete, I spend my days on it, looking at trivial stuff and learning more about my favourite movies and actors.
The forums are very interesting, some are even quite funny (I found one which focused exclusively on one of my favourite actors's backside...) and mostly made by people who share the same interests as you (namely, Nathan Fillion's backside :-)). It's really a nice place to go when you don't quite know what to do, and feel like doing a little reading... Besides, it is updated daily, and there are always nice links at the end of the homepage, to interesting articles about cinema, chosen by the IMDb webmasters, who always manage to pick things that are interesting to me. These articles focus more on serious subjects, and are mostly from really good newspapers such as the Guardian, for example. (Which does not mean that Nathan Fillion's backside is not serious buisness, of course...)

But what amazes me most is the incredible quantity of people they have filed. Want to know who was in charge of the lights in that Uzbek movie you saw when you were three? -unlikely you would want to, but anyway, IMDb is here to tell you!! Want to know the title of that incredibly good movie you saw with that guy who plays in that series with the other girl who is married to Paul Bettany? Go to IMDb and you will know, in 4 clicks at the most! I just love this site. Besides, if you are a little bit feather-brained, like me, you might find some interest in the little details they give you about people, such as their marital status, their hobbies, their nicknames, or, if you are a 6-feet-tall-feather-brained person like me, their height. Yes! They actually give you the people's height!! (am I the only one who cares?)

So, here you go, my favourite website ever, www.imdb.com

And of course, they will tell you everything about hollywood actors, but not only! They have very good infos about bollywood actors too, and French ones, and German ones, and Austrian ones I guess, although I must admit to not being overly interested in Austrian cinema... Feather brained, I said!!

Their "search" facility is very well made too, you can search the site by name, character name, title, title of TV episode, and even quotes. Honestly, no question you have about cinema could stay unanswered... Hope you'll find this link useful!!

4 commentaires:

Dôdu-Vérô a dit…

haha ! j'aime bien ton article ! Je suis très intéressée par "Nathan Fillion's backside" ;-)
J'aime aussi beaucoup la mention discrète à Paul Bettany ;-)
Bref que du bon ! J'espère que le reste du monde appréciera !

MarieDodue a dit…

Hej, j'ai réussi à m'inscrire ! on a du feinter le système, je me suis fait passer pour Véro avant de changersubtilement mon nom ;-)
Finalement, il est très bien cet article ! Tout le monde s'y reconnait ! il est très pertinent, et les références à la face arrière des acteurs est très subtile. Etonnant que tu n'ais pas plus parler de celle de P.Bettany, qui pourtant, lui, les met sur la place publique. J'espère que ce blog aura beaucoup de succès... Peut-être qu'un jour Nathan Fillon passera par hasard, et te laissera un message pour te dire à quel point il est flaté du succès de son derrière... ;-)

Nathan Fillion a dit…

Yes it's me ;-)
I'm very flatté that you parle of my backside !
I hope que ça help me à me faire un peu plus connaitre !
J'ai pris des cours auprès de mon ami Paul B. même si je ne lui arrive pas à la cheville (ou autre...)
Paul se demande d'ailleurs why on ne speak not much de lui ???
Very jaloux
But thank you again !
see you to the placard ;-)
oh my god ! que va-t-on penser de toi ??? :-)
My english is not perfect because I'm coincé dans une caille géante et ça me perturbe :-)

Claire a dit…

Thanks Nathan!! I'll talk to you later, but I am very flattee that you come on my blog!! Don't hesitate to pose the caille, and visit me in Graz!!! You know where to sonner!!!


Merci les filles!!! quelle classe tous ces commentaires!!! Je suis ravie!!! Je suis contente!!! Je suis extatique!!! A tres vite!