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lundi 20 août 2007

Feel like going insane, got a fire in your brain, and you're thinking of drinking gasoline?

Hello hello!!

I'm back from my cold and rainy Norman week-end, which was very cold, and very rainy, but still nice, because I got to see my friend J, whom I met in Graz last semester. That was definitely cool.

Yesterday, when I came back, I was not in a very good mood, because it was late and I was half frozen to death (yeah, I'm very clever and thought it would be OK to go off to Normandy with no jumper), and I sat down with my sister in front of the TV and watched the last episodes of this season of ER. Adn I decided I could not restrain myself any longer, I have to let it out: I HATE END-OF-SEASON CLIFFHANGERS.

Several reasons to that:

-First of all, I think it is one of those opportunities when directors make wrongful use of the powers invested in them (JJ Abrams has got a peculiar talent for these kinds of things, by the way). I mean, OK, you can make us go crazy for months, but why would you do any such thing?? Besides...

-... if the series is bad, in a year, when the next season starts, I will have forgotten all about the last season and won't give a damn about whether the hero dies or lives, so I won't watch it anyway. If the series is good, on the other hand, I will watch it for sure, because I like to. What's with trying to make us watch things we don't want to watch by putting pressure on our feeble minds? Why not make good series instead, which will keep you interested without having to make you wonder about the drowning/freezing/bleeding to death character?

I know, I know, it would not be fun to watch something where only good things happen to the characters. I know. But if you take the case of ER, for example, they always write things in the scenario which I had rather did not happen (like, lately, cut off both the legs of Ray, the very cool rock star doctor, who was in love with Neela, the very cool Indian-American doctor). There is no need to leave us wondering if so and so is going to die in dreadful sufferings or not, I mean, we are already surprised enough as it is!

Of course, I would, if I could afford it, swear never to watch a cliffhanger type of series ever again. But that would deprive me of Buffy, Lost, ER, Alias, and many others (I so wish I could add Firefly to the list! I'd get over a lot just to watch a second season!) So I won't take any rash decision (I'm sure you're very relieved), but still, people, producers, directors and screenplay writers, if you hear me, just be nice! We like you anyway, we're not going to go away! Don't do it! Besides, if we want to know more about it, it's so easy to go find spoilers, and this (strangely) spoils all the fun and makes me want to not watch the series any more because I already know what's going to happen, and usually I don't think I'll like it.

Anyway. Here we go, reader, it's time for me to get back to work. Good thing today is that I am alone in "my" office, and I can listen to silly Bollywood music on my iPod, nobody cares, and I don't look like a sociopath. But well, it will be over on wednesday, which is just as well, because the sociopath in me would probably awaken if left alone for too long... I can feel her rattling her cage up there where my brain should be :)

Have a nice day!!!

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…



Où tu as vu des cliffhangers dans Buffy? Yen a zéro! A la limite un petite ombre de cliffhanger avec la bague qui tombe, mais c'est tout.

A part ça, il y a des fins de saison où on a envie de voir la suite, inpouincétou.


Claire a dit…

Ah, si esskuze moi, mais à la fin de la saison 5 (si je ne m'abuse) elle finit quand même enterrée et la dernière image de la saison, c'est tous ses amis qui quittent le cimetière. Sans compter Angel et sa bague, bien entendu.

Je trouve que les images de cimetière à la fin d'une saison, ça devrait être interdit depuis la troisième saison des X files.

Mulder est quand même mort 6 fois, et la cinquième, il nous a fait une super séance débarassage de chairs putréfiées sous la douche, dont on se serait passée et qui lui vaut une mention spéciale...

D'abord :D