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jeudi 9 août 2007

She's like the swallow...

I can't believe it!! It's 13:26 and nobody is eating yet!! They ordered some food, but since it's not coming, they just keep working!! Of course, that's not my style, so I decided I'd come and write a little post now that I have a little time!!
Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong period, reader? Have you ever felt like the world was becoming kind of too modern for you?? Well, I feel like that pretty often, and my main cause for complaint is blue jeans. What do you mean, I'm very superficial??? I'm not. I just like dresses and long skirts.

Anyway, it makes me depressed to wear jeans and trousers everyday. I just wish we were still in the romantic era, and could wear some clothes with cool names like a crinoline or calico. I'd miss some stuff of course, among which blogging, but I could always write a diary, and then it would be pubilshed and become a bestseller!! (What do you mean, reader, my blog would never become a bestseller?? I don't quite like that tone you're using today, really...). I'd miss rock music and stuff as well, but then again, you can't miss what you don't know, can you? And I'd still have nice folk music at various balls!! Wouldn't it be nice?? I could dance the menuet, and stuff! And speaking French would be considered as very refined! Not just snotty!!
Besides, at the time, it was good to be a little plump, and curly hair was in fashion (just look at the pre-raphaelite paintings -Ha hahaha, I love to pretend I'm very educated- they all have frizzy hair, and nobody makes fun of them!!!) Of course, I also like the idea that staying where I am and having a decent conversation would be sufficient to get a wedding proposal.

Yes, I know, the condition of women was apalling, I would have had to stay home and embroider stuff, ride horses and sneeze endlessly, and would not have had any modern comforts like hot running water, or panadol. But it's not going to happen anyway, I won't be miraculously sent back in time by a malignant spirit, so why shouldn't I pretend it would be all Mr Darcys, flowers and lillies of the valley??
Besides, I just refuse to think that people, and women, were generally less happy at the time. I'm not saying I would have been happier then, it just suits my fantasy to imagine I would have been. It's kind of twisted and doesn't really make sense, but anyway, there it is.
What I really miss today, though, (apart from calico and crinolines), is things that last forever. Of course, I know, nothing lasts for ever, but still, there was a time, when you got married, it meant that you were going to live with your partner for ever. (You'd better pick the right one, really...) Now, when you get married, it doesn't really mean much more than, "I take one more step to prove my love", since you can get a divorce anytime. Same goes for the earth, seasons and nature. Once upon a time, it was all going to last until the end of time, and now, it will just last until we make it so rotten that it stops!

Anyway. This is getting way too far, and I think it's about time for Miss Garteiser to go and eat something... Hmmm... I made a nice sandwich this morning, I can't wait to eat it!! Smoked ham and goats cheese... Wouldn't they eat just that in Bath?? :)

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

She's like the swallow that na na na, she's like the na na na never runs dry, na na na...
Vincent ne te remercie pas.
Pour ma part, j'adore ce post!

Claire a dit…

She's like the swallow that flies so high, she's like the river that never runs dry
She's like the sunshine on the lee shore
I love my love and love is no more....

Twas out in the garden this fair maid did go
A picking the beautiful primarose
The more she picked the more she pulled
until she got her apron full

Twas out of those roses she made a bed
a stony pillow for her head
She laid her down no word she spoke
Until this fair maid's heart was broke

J'espère que tu es contente XD Et que Vincent n'essaiera pas de me tuer dans mon sommeil à San Antonio!!


Anonyme a dit…

Mes collègues et l'équipe de nettoyage ne te remercient pas.

Sinon, juste pour briser le charme, est-ce que tu as choisi le titre parce que tu avais très faim ou pour aller avec les jolies dames?

Claire a dit…

Tu leur dira "de rien" :D

She's like the swallow, c'est juste que je suis sûre que si j'avais été une jeune fille anglaise de l'époque, j'aurais chanté ça -c'est PAS parce que j'avais faim :D. D'ailleurs, j'ai trouvé une version rallongée (comme si ça suffisait pas), mais franchement, j'aime mieux la mienne!!


Sinon, parmi les considérations intéressantes du jour, si tu ferme la parenthèe après un bonhomme qui rigole, comme ça :D), eh ben, ça lui fait un double menton.



Anonyme a dit…

Clairement, la métaphore du tablier laisse à désirer!!!

Claire a dit…

On ne peut pas gagner à tous les coups. Les paroliers aussi ont droit à des congés!!