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jeudi 2 août 2007

You can leave your hat on

Yesterday, I watched "Casino Royale" with my sister F. So I thought I would tell you about the incredibly deep thoughts that came to my mind while I was watching it.

First of all, I need to tell you that I discovered I was allergic to my hair. As soon as let them loose, I start sneezing. I knew I should keep them nicely tied, because of the wind and the fact that not tying them makes me look like a madwoman who just came out of the woods, but I did not think that nature could be so cruel as to make a person allergic to herself. I am allergic to so many stupid things (raw potatoes, among others), but this last one really beats them all... Anyway. I suppose I'm actually allergic to the thing I put in my hair to try to tame it, but it's kind of strange, wouldn't you say?

Second, Daniel Craig looks much better with his clothes on. Why do actors in the world and people in general think that having really big muscles looks good? It's just not true!! Well, I know, his being so muscular is all part of his James-Bond-Acting (as in "I'm not very subtle, but I'm very efficient") but I just can't help complaining. It's not as bad as it is in India, but it's pretty bad already.

Third, I just love that scene in the shower. (Sounds kind of weird, now that it's written down...) Well, Eva Green is traumatized because she just witnessed a double murder (i.e. She just saw Mr Potato kill two evil hitmen) and she sits all dressed in an (incredibly beautiful and slinky) purple dress, under a cold shower. Enters Daniel Craig, and what does he do??? He sits down next to her, without even bothering to take his shoes off. And then he takes her in his arms, and turns the hot water faucet. It's just so cute. I like it anyway. I like Daniel Craig more than any other James Bond ever. I like Daniel Craig very much.

I take this opportunity to make an aside about "what you should take off when in the water". I think that men characters who jump in pools/ponds/the sea in order to save a damsel in distress/fix an electrical equipment, should not bother to take off their shirt, but take off their shoes. Indeed, even though it takes more time, they are more likely to be ruined by the salt, and much more difficult to dry. Hence my message to all: We know that you just wanted to show us you muscles, man, don't even try to hide it by justifying your behaviour ridiculously.

There, reader, I think that's it for today. Now I have to go, because it's time to go home!! I just want to share a thought for my best friend V, who is working her head off at the swimming pool (poor V). May you meet a lot of Daniel Craigs, willing to take off their shoes and shirts and jump to your rescue, V.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Ahahah, je suis d'accord avec tout, sauf que Daniel Craig est en fait très beau sous ses habits - juste pas dans le James Bond. Je l'avais vu sous la douche dans un Tom Raider, c'était assez miam.
Et poru tes cheveux: pitêtre que du pollen se dépose dedans pendant que tu es dehors, et après quand tu les lâches tu éternues? Par ailleurs, moi les patates ça va mais j'éternue aussi quand je lâche mes cheveux...

Claire a dit…

Oui, oui, il paraît que dans Layer Cake, il est pas mal... Je ne sais pas... il va falloir que je vérifie tout ça XD

Je pensais, concernant mes cheveux, que les lâcher pourrait faire un filtre à pollen, au lieu d'un piège à pollen. La vie est mal faite, parfois...